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Elgin Music School

Violin and Piano Instructor

Grace Ann Roth

Grace Ann is currently a high school senior. Grace Ann loves music and plays piano, violin and organ. She teaches violin and piano at the Elgin Music School. She plans to major in biomedical engineering. Someday she hopes to work in a career related to healthcare technology. In her spare time, she also enjoys baking an reading.

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Guitar Instructor

Flavio Andrade

Flavio Andrade - AKA Flavio Mamoha - is a guitarist/composer/producer/sound technician from Recife, Brazil. His experience includes live performances as well as studio sessions, both as a musician and producer. As a sound technician, Flavio worked with various artists from his hometown, touring in Brazil and Europe. In his free time, he loves gardening, reading books, and outdoor activities.   

Piano Instructor


Yu-Hsin Teng, originally from Taiwan, is now based in Austin. She is currently on the faculty of Texas Lutheran University and is a Teaching Artist at Austin Opera. She has served as coach and rehearsal pianist for the William Lewis School of Opera’s production of Die Fledermaus in 2022. Yu-Hsin received her Doctoral of Musical Arts degree in Collaborative Piano at The University of Texas at Austin. She has taught students of different ages, backgrounds and skill levels for over 8 years. As a teacher, she aims to help students unlock the meaning and message of any style of music and make students take their creativity and love of music in many directions. She also enjoys hiking and traveling in her free time.

Voice and Piano Instructor

Emma Leigh Maciazek

Dance and Rhythm/Afro-Brazilian Dance Instructor

Pedro Paulo Rosa

French dancer-choreographer, of Brazilian origin.

Pedro initiated his dancing in Brazil with ballet. He then specialized in contemporary dance, Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira. He now specializes in Maracatu, a Brazilian traditional dance.


He currently lives in Texas, where he is doing research on the body, the mind and our natural surroundings to seek general well-being.

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