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Austrian American Mozart Academy

AAMA in Salzburg


About the program

The AAMA Opera Summer Program in Salzburg is designed for those singers who strive to acquire specialization in the the performance of the German Lieder and Operas of W.A. Mozart.

More about Salzburg

About the AAMA 2024

"What an amazing experience! Learned so much and met some wonderful people and teachers. Thank you everyone for making this time so special. Much Love!"
Matthew Dale Hagestuen


"This program was a perfect fit for me. Singing my first lead role and preparing for Lieder Abends with other great singers jumpstarted my growth as an artist."

Karin Berg

"I really enjoyed the length of the program, I felt like it was a perfect amount of time there to study music, German, and the culture of Salzburg.  "
Ellen Moody

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