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Franco-American Vocal Academy

FAVA in France

About the program

The academy is an intensive study program designed for emerging, talented singers who seek a professional career in Opera, Operetta, Concert or who seek experience and knowledge as future voice teachers. The program is open to all nationalities.

FAVA in France is based in Angers, a fascinating city at the edge of the Loire Valley. Discover Angers


"Thank you so much for your instruction, and for the wonderful opportunity of performing with FAVA this summer. I learned so much in that six weeks, about music and about the opera world. I will always be grateful to you."

Ruby Pierce

"The FAVA in France program has the most well balanced mix of the rigors and rewards of this profession. This is not a pushover summer program for the faint of heart ... but a real world experience of the challenges of performing in high pressure situations overseas."
Alexis Gill


We were a hit. I'm so inspired and excited to have been a part of this program and cast. "
Calder Craig

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